Karibuni Mkomazi Wilderness Retreat

Positioned above Mkomazi National Park’s main watering hole with Mount Kilimanjaro on the horizon, our new tented safari camp is your destination to fully enjoy your Tanzanian safari experience.

Mkomazi National Park is a huge conservation success story. In only three decades, the newly formed National Park rebounded into a beautiful wilderness. Birders will delight in over 400 recorded species, notably raptors and ground-birds. Ungulates are abundant, and so are their predators. After nearly disappearing, elephants are back in large numbers.

Mkomazi Wilderness Retreat consists of seven luxury tents, nestled on Dindera Hill. Right from camp, you can watch large herds congregate around the Park’s main watering hole. At night, you may hear lions roar or elephants frolic in the water, all from the comfort of your tent.

Mkomazi has been dubbed Tanzania’s “Home of the Black Rhinos”. From the retreat, guests can easily support these endangered mammals by visiting Mkomazi’s rhino sanctuaries, Mbula and /or Kisima.

Experience a unique safari in Tanzania at Mkomazi Wilderness Retreat. Explore Mkomazi National Park, enjoy luxury accommodations and dining, and witness incredible wildlife.

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