Our Story

Mkomazi Wilderness Retreat is the newest enterprise under the Kimango company originally started by the Axmann Family – Kim and Simone; and joined by our two sons Janush and Julian.

Simone and I always wanted to live and work in the tropics, so in 1990 after finalizing our studies in agricultural engineering we decided to move to Tanzania where my parents were posted at the German Embassy.

It took us two years to find suitable land and register our new company, Kimango Farm Enterprises Ltd. In 1992 we began to establish Mbuyuni Farm near Kingolwira Village in the Morogoro District. We rented a house on the neighbouring sisal estate where we lived for the first five years. As our crops grew, so did our family.

In November 1992 our first son Janush Amani was born. Julian Bahati followed in March 1995. Both boys grew up on the farm and later schooled in Morogoro International School.

Our motivation for the organic farming project has always been to grow healthy foods in harmony with the environment, while promoting organic farming in our region. Organic, sustainable farming for us means improving our soils in the long term, while producing enough income to provide a decent living for us and our employees. Most of our small and dedicated team of staff have been working with us for more than 15 years.

In 1997-8 we built our house and finally moved to Mbuyuni Farm where we live today. After building a small bridge across the river and finally getting phone and internet services, life became much easier for us all.

By this stage Tanzania had become our home and whenever time allowed we went on safari, camping in and around the national parks of Tanzania. Longer safaris led us to Kenya, Zambia, Malawi, Botswana, South Africa and Namibia.

Kim and Simone camping on safari

In 2008, we decided to try our hand at eco-tourism, constructing four stylish cottages on our Mbuyuni Farm. Creating a retreat from the hustle and bustle of life for our guests. We are enjoy this new business, the opportunity it has given us to show-off the beauty and tranquillity of our environment, as well as, being able to have met an incredible amount of very interesting people. Please feel free to visit our site; “Mbuyuni Farm Retreat” for more details and photographs.

Interior of the Bee-Eater Cottage at Mbuyuni Farm Retreat

As time ticked on, the boys were also growing up, they soon left for various schooling, both catching the bug for environmental studies which they have now both successfully got degrees in. Julian is still in British Columbia, Canada, working in conservation and reforestation, while Janush has finally returned to Tanzania to help in the Mkomazi project and running the farm.

In over 30 years, what initially started as our African adventure has become a home to our family and viable business.

In all our years of travelling through Tanzania, I grew a soft spot for Mkomazi. It’s remoteness, pure, undisturbed eco-system, it was captivating. As the years passed, I witnessed the unquestionable growth of flora and fauna in the area. For me, the potential was undeniable.

Our passion is conservation, bringing balance back to our environment. The fear which drove my motivation to develop something in Mkomazi was the concern of a park without value could lead to it being seen as unimportant. So after meeting with multiple investors, business owners and conservationists and despite often being warned against investing in our own camp, my family and I decided to start our Mkomazi journey. Exploring it as often as we could, trying to find the perfect spot for our dream lodge, working alongside TANAPA. And we finally did it. It has been years in the making, but we broke ground in 2020 and are now just steps away from opening our six tent camp.

Laying the floor for tent two

Excited not just for our opening, but by the wildlife we see around us every time we get to work. Mkomazi is a rare and special place, we cannot wait to share its charm with anyone who visits.

Special thanks go to Samantha Bowden for her help with editing this website. A Royal Geographic research study (Mkomazi: the Ecology, Biodiversity and Conservation of a Tanzanian Savanna 1993-1996) provided the primary source for the scientific information discussed. All images on this website were made by the Axmann family.