Out of love for and to help contribute to the conservation of the beautiful Mkomazi National Park, Kim Axmann and a group of friends created mkomaziwilderness.com. Special thanks go to Samantha Bowden for her help with editing this website. A Royal Geographic research study (Mkomazi: the Ecology, Biodiversity and Conservation of a Tanzanian Savanna 1993-1996) provided the primary source for the scientific information discussed. All images on this website were made by the Axmann family.

This website is an ongoing project with a continuous updates to the bird, mammal and tree lists. Any contributions are very welcome. Please contact Kim on kim@kimango.com

We thank the TANAPA Chief Park Warden and his staff for their assistance, and Tony and Lucy Fitzjohn of the George Adamson African Wildlife Preservation Trust, without whom this national park would not exist in it’s present form.